Diabetes under control

Who we are

Insulcloud is a Spanish company whose mission is to improve the life quality and life expectancy of people with diabetes.

We develop technological health solutions to empower patients to better control and manage their pathology.

We also help healthcare professionals by enhancing their daily clinical practice, optimizing the efficiency of healthcare resources.


What is the Insulcloud 360 System®?

A system that integrates all essential data in
real time for an efficient management of patients with diabetes.

The Insulcloud 360 System® is made up
of three main elements:

SInsulclock System
  1. CAP Insulclock® by Insulcloud, for real-time monitoring of the disposable insulin pen use.
  2. Diabetes Control App - Insulclock 360® by Insulcloud, for essential data integration by the patient: insulin, glucose, exercise and food intake.
  3. ENDO® by Insulcloud, a platform created alongside healthcare professionals to ease their daily clinical practice and management of patients with diabetes.

ENDO® by Insulcloud

A platform that streamlines the care management of your patients with diabetes.

Continuous and effective monitoring

All your patients' data, on the same screen:

  • Insulin administration
  • Glucose and AGP
  • Time in range
  • Treatment adherence
  • Food intake
  • Exercise

Real-time information

All data is updated immediately, allowing the healthcare professional to make informed decisions.

Medical history integration

Data integration streamlines and improves the care quality, by allowing easy access to centralized, comprehensive information about patients with diabetes.

SInsulclock System

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Clinical trials & scientific publications

Diabetes Care

Efficacy of a Connected Insulin Pen Cap in People With Noncontrolled Type 1 Diabetes: A Multicenter Randomized Clinical Trial

Emory University School of Medicine

A Randomized Study To Evaluate The Efficacy Of Insulclock® Pen Device In Insulin-treated Patients With Uncontrolled Type 2 Diabetes

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Monitoring device with universal adapter to drug injection pens

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Efficacy of Insulclock in patients with poorly controlled type I Diabetes Mellitus: a pilot, randomized, clinical trial

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Collaborations and awards

II Reto Salud Andalucía

Insulclock, winner of the II Andalucía Health Challenge for its comprehensive help and assistance system for the monitoring and management of diabetes.

Horizonte 2020

Recognition from the European Union for one of the most innovative projects for the control and monitoring of diabetes.

Fundación Jiménez Diaz

Integration of the Insulclock System in the University Hospital of the Jiménez Díaz (Quirón Salud Group).


Winners of the IOT STARS AWARD at the Mobile World Congress.


Innovative SME Recognition from the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Business.


Support for the creation and consolidation of technology-based companies.

Universal Concentrator Assisted by Online Recommendation Technology (2022-2025).

Referencia: CPP2021-009139.
Financiado por MICIN - 1.568.129,80€. I.P. Luis Ruiz-Valdepeñas.
Otros: MiceLab- Universidad de Girona